We understand what a challenge it can be trying to find your feet with an exercise routine postpartum, which is why it’s important to make sure you start when you feel ready. Remember that everyone’s support system is individual, as is everyone’s birth story. It’s very common not to feel ready at your six week check-up and important to be kind to yourself during this very new period while you focus on finding your groove.

The first three weeks of the Postpartum Programme are extremely gentle and focussed exclusively on abdominal rehab which can be done quite early on, but here are a few questions to ask yourself after receiving your doctor’s green light to help self-advocate for the correct return-to-exercise time frame for you.

1. Have you had your pelvic floor and abdominal midline assessed by a professional?

This strongly affects the approach to your exercise routine and correct recovery!

2. Have you established some kind of sleep routine?

Not your pre-baby sleep routine. That is not realistic, just enough of a (most likely broken) routine where you’re collectively getting enough sleep to facilitate your exercise recovery. We would recommend a minimum of 6 hours in a 24 hour period.

3. Have you established a nutritional routine?

This is important to be able to sustain all that comes with being a new mom as well as to facilitate exercise and your breastfeeding supply. Breastfeeding mamas often notice a drop in supply when starting exercise if not getting sufficient nutrition. Be sure to check out our dedicated lactation recipe section within the The GLOW App and remember our customizable meal planner and shopping list are here to help you simplify getting your nutrition on track!

4. Have you established a breastfeeding routine yet?

Prolactin (milk producing hormone) levels have normally been established by around 6 weeks, but your breastfeeding routine is strongly influenced by points 2 and 3.

5. How are you feeling mentally and emotionally?

Are you coping & what kind of support do you have? It’s important to reach out and accept help during this time.

Feel ready to start your postpartum exercise journey? We would love to help guide you!
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Wow, she’s bounced back fast!” A statement we’re sure you’ve heard at some point and we can confirm pops up far too regularly in our GLOW inbox. 

This is a crazy unrealistic mentality, often fuelled by perceptions we digest via social media and snippets of someone else’s journey. We want you to remember this: there is a big difference between wanting your “body back” and wanting to simply feel a little more “you” again. It’s important for the focus to be centered on nurturing your own wellness after 9 months spent growing a whole human and birthing not just your baby, but an entirely new version of yourself. It’s why our postpartum programme is geared towards helping you, as a new mom embrace your newfound strength with a plan that is actually manageable, to help find that all-important me-time balance again.

So, to answer the question of, “when will I get my body back?”
Honey, it was with you all along! With the help of the GLOW app, we can all appreciate and celebrate the female body for all it has the power to do, be and create… and there’s no pants size or number on a scale that will EVER trump that. You created life. You are everything.

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