1. Sacrificing sleep

This is not only detrimental, it’s counterproductive. Not enough rest = poor recovery, hormone disruption, inflammation, fatigue & mental stress. 

Conclusion: Less energy to actually perform at your best both in your daily life and during your workouts.

2. Skipping rest days

Rest days allow your muscles properly recover, keep your cortisol (stress hormone) in check & water retention at bay in order see results and come back stronger.

Conclusion: It’s also important to note the relevance of giving yourself a mental break! Life is about more than hitting the gym every day and your muscles!

3. Trying to out-exercise a bad diet

This is like being a hamster on a wheel. No matter how hard you run, you’ll still be in the same place. 

Conclusion: Focussing on nutrition first sets the stage for results, while providing the correct fuel to ensure more effective workouts. Your workouts are like the icing on the cake.

4. Exercising as a form of food punishment

Exercise and movement is a celebration of what your body can do, and not to be abused through the use of it as punishment for what you just ate.

Conclusion: Food is to be used as fuel to nourish and nurture that strength because you love your body, not the reverse.

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