Wow, she’s bounced back fast!” A statement we’re sure you’ve heard at some point and we can confirm pops up far too regularly in our GLOW inbox. 

This is a crazy unrealistic mentality, often fuelled by perceptions we digest via social media and snippets of someone else’s journey. We want you to remember this: there is a big difference between wanting your “body back” and wanting to simply feel a little more “you” again. It’s important for the focus to be centered on nurturing your own wellness after 9 months spent growing a whole human and birthing not just your baby, but an entirely new version of yourself. It’s why our postpartum programme is geared towards helping you, as a new mom embrace your newfound strength with a plan that is actually manageable, to help find that all-important me-time balance again.

So, to answer the question of, “when will I get my body back?”
Honey, it was with you all along! With the help of the GLOW app, we can all appreciate and celebrate the female body for all it has the power to do, be and create… and there’s no pants size or number on a scale that will EVER trump that. You created life. You are everything.

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